XMM CLuster Archive Super Survey

The XMM CLuster Archive Super Survey is an X-ray galaxy cluster search in the XMM-Newton Science Archive (ESA). This webpage provides an access to the X-CLASS catalogue through a dedicated database interface.

Database overview

X-ray and optical images
Raw and spatially filtered X-ray images are given for each entry in the catalogue. An optical DSS-II r-band image (e.g. POSS-II) is also provided.

For each cluster in the catalogue we provide the list of objects from the NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database for which redshift information is available and within 3 arcmin of the X-ray centroid. This research has made use of Aladin sky atlas developed at CDS, Strasbourg Observatory.

Detailed X-ray information
Images of the XMM pointings and corresponding information about flare removal procedure are accessible for each catalogue entry. Count-rate measurements in several energy bands can also be retrieved for each cluster, along with corresponding plots.

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X-CLASS catalogue first release in Vizier

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